Why Avoiding Inflammation in Your Diet is the #1 Most Important Thing

I don’t think people know the extent to which too much inflammation is the source of nearly ALL health problems! So let’s discuss methods for AVOIDING inflammation…

avoiding inflammation

Good vs. bad inflammation

Most of us tend to think of inflammation as something that is sometimes good (like when swelling happens to fight off infection) and sometimes bad.

Inflammation happens when you have an infection because it forms a protective barrier around infected areas, and also around your immune system cells.

However, this type of inflammation is only good because it lasts as long as your body needs it, then goes away. Inflammation is bad when it lasts longer than this, and WON’T go away!

Avoiding inflammation of THIS kind is what we’ll be discussing today.

When your body is unable to get rid of the source of the inflammation, such as toxins in your environment, stress, or a poor diet…That’s just about the most dangerous thing to be happening inside your body, I’m sorry to say! Autoimmune disorders also cause inflammation. But this is why it’s so important to do what you can to get rid of as MUCH of your body’s inflammation as possible!

One thing that causes inflammation is having too much fat tissue. This is because the more fat tissue you have, it attracts inflammatory cells to the area.

The reason to be AVOIDING inflammation is that inflammation prevents insulin from doing its job. Inflammation is called an insulin antagonist, meaning that, as insulin tries to get your body to absorb sugars, inflammation is going to try its best to STOP that!

Why is that so bad?

Well, if your body can’t absorb sugar, you are more likely to develop conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, strokes, cancer…As you can see, inflammation causes basically every problem you can think of! Also, the more inflammatory cytokines that are being released — due to excess fat tissue, poor diet, or exposure to environmental toxins — it can also affect your brain.

One study showed that people who have schizophrenia, autism, or Alzheimer’s have higher levels of brain inflammation than normal, that caused the disorder to happen.

As you can imagine, all of this is incredibly complicated! And I’m not trying to say that if you enjoy your favorite indulgent treats every once in awhile, that that inflammation is immediately going to lead to everything from heart disease to cancer!

Instead, I want to emphasize that chronic inflammation is not good for you, and is something we all should be thinking about for our mind and body. That’s why avoiding inflammation is so important.

Eat right

As you can imagine, fighting inflammation is done primarily through your diet! As in, eating lots of anti-inflammatory foods.

For example, fish, fruits, and veggies have healthy omega-3 fats in them, and this is perfect for avoiding inflammation. From turmeric, to blueberries, to salmon, to tomatoes, to avocados, to green tea, there are so many foods that help reduce chronic inflammation because of the antioxidants they contain.

Antioxidants are what keep your immune system healthy, and they have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

What else can you do to fight inflammation?

Exercise regularly!

Exercise is anti-inflammatory because it protects your immune cells, which takes the responsibility of doing so away from inflammatory cells.

No need for an inflammatory response, if healthy exercise beats it to the punch!

But, I also completely understand that dieting and exercise is something that’s HARD to stick with. My motto is, “Finding time for the important things, when life gets busy.” This is why I love coaching and mentoring people, to allow them to prioritize themselves even when life gets busy and crazy.

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