What to Pack for Traveling With a Baby…and What You’re Totally Going to Forget!

So do you have your checklist ready? Do you know what to pack for traveling with a baby?

I don’t ask these questions to put doubt in your mind, but I know if you’re packed and ready to go, the doubt is still there because all of us have experienced it. That feeling that there is something we’re going to forget and it’s going to be catastrophic!!

1. Well, first things first, you might be feeling like you’re forgetting something because you don’t have enough of everything!

For example, do you have enough diapers? I know it sounds like a lot, but you should potentially have a diaper for every hour you’re going to be out, whether that’s 2 hours or 3 days.

Also, do you have a couple extra baby outfits, an extra bib, and an extra outfit for you, in case there’s “spit up on aisle one”?? More than one pacifier, because they’re so easy to lose?

2. I find that there are some essentials, or near-essentials, that are still way EASY to overlook when it comes to what to pack for traveling with a baby…

For example, what about plastic bags? If you’ve got a dirty diaper and you can’t throw it out right away, then you definitely need something leak-proof to store it in temporarily. Hopefully, very temporarily!! πŸ˜‰

And how about baby pain reliever and a first aid kit, in case there’s a boo boo? (Again, hopefully not!)

Also, if your baby is going to be in the sun β€”and I know you’re probably prepared to keep your baby in the shade and have baby-safe sunscreen β€” but a sun hat is a good backup option! For both of you, really!

(By the way, you should definitely go and check out my past blog post on whether or not it’s okay for your baby to wear sunscreen!)

3. Don’t forget yourself!

Have you considered that you’re probably going to want extra snacks to give you an energy boost in the middle of the day with all this hectic traveling?? Enough water?

You’re juggling a lot, so don’t forget yourself! πŸ˜‰

4. Make sure wherever you’re staying, it’s like a home away from home to make baby comfortable!!

One other thing I’m sure you didn’t think of, because it’s such a random thing, but also SO good:

If you’re staying at a hotel, bring a nightlight in case they don’t have one, so that for changing your baby in the middle of the night, you don’t have to turn on the bright overhead fluorescents and upset your baby. Instead, you can remind them of the soothing dim light of home! In fact, while I can’t think of any other ideas along the train of thought of making a hotel more like a home away from home for your baby, it’s worth thinking about what you can bring from home to make the unfamiliar more familiar! Definitely their favorite toys, for one thing…but I know you already had those packed!

If you’re still a little nervous about what to pack for traveling with a baby, and think that you MUST be forgetting something…

I have a full packing list right here! (Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

If you bring everything on this list, I GUARANTEE that nothing will be missing: