What Should My Daily Water Intake Be?


I don’t think it’s some big secret that drinking enough water is super good for you, and that a consistently high daily water intake is SO IMPORTANT!


I mean, it makes sense, because humans are about 60% water (as opposed to the “90%” you’ve probably heard before, but still, 60%, that’s a lot!!)


We’re more “water” than we are “person”!!


Now, water has been the subject of a little controversy recently — as in, do you really need 8 glasses a day? The TV show Adam Ruins Everything did a special on how eight glasses a day is just excessive — while drinking that much won’t hurt you, you only need about a half of that to get the max health benefits.




But is Adam right? Is the “8 8-ounce glasses a day” guideline just a myth??


Did the medical community just go with “8 x 8 daily water intake,”  because it’s easy to remember?


Well, it turns out that yeah, “8 glasses” got popular from a “chain mail” email back in 2001. (Don’t you all miss chain mail so much? 😉 )


But where did the concept itself come from, then? What scientific study backs it up??


The answers are: no one knows, and NONE!


Even Barbara Rolls, a nutritionist at Pennsylvania State University who literally “wrote the book” on drinking water said she “doesn’t know” where the 8 x 8 myth came from!


Me enjoying coffee…but water is great too!


And Dr. Jurgen Schnermann from the National Institute of Health says, you only need to drink about HALF that amount (some of which you’ll of course get from food, tea, coffee etc.)! And I trust a kidney doctor about daily water intake! Even if he has a weird name. 😉


So why am I telling you this, since it’s not like there’s anything wrong with drinking 64oz a day? Why am I writing a post telling you not to worry so much about something healthy?

WELL, because I think that these ideas that keep making the rounds, like:


“Half of your body weight is the amount of ounces of water you need to drink a day!”

“75% of people are dehydrated!”


…make people ANXIOUS, and so maybe even less likely to drink enough water!!

So I just don’t want you to be scared that you’re not hydrated…chances are, you’re probably good to go!


HOWEVER, you do need to make sure you’re hydrating a ton while you’re exercising. (And by the way, if you’re struggling to get fit and you’re looking for that epic exercise regimen that will get you back in shape…I’d love to help you!)


Muscles are 80% water, and studies show that athletes can lose up to 10% of their water weight when they exercise intensely. (And when I say studies I mean actual studies, not rumors and guessing, like how the 8 x 8 rule got started!!)


I know losing water weight sounds like a good thing, but not when you’ve sweated so much that you start to get tired and lightheaded!!


So to recap…is it true that you really should be drinking 8 8oz glasses of water a day? Nope — just do what makes you feel good!

Which I’m sure isn’t “get cramps while working out.” So DO stay hydrated during workouts!! 😉



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