Trying for a Baby? My Fertility Guide…and Pep Talk!

My main takeaway from my struggles with getting pregnant is, “everybody (and every BODY) is different.” If you’re trying for a baby and it hasn’t worked yet, I know you’re getting frustrated and worried…

But I encourage you to stay as calm as possible and seek out all the knowledge you can.

And speaking of knowledge, I hope I can provide some here, too!

First, my own personal journey if you’re not familiar…

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I stopped birth control in December 2015. I knew that it takes on average 3 months, but some women up to a year, to start having regular periods again. But when it was almost a year without a period for me, I went back to my doc, who said it could happen to very active women with a low body fat. But I’m in a healthy range for everything and make sure to keep it that way — no crash dieting or skipping rest days for me!So that brings me to my first point: get a second opinion! I definitely trusted and liked that doctor, but if someone’s explanation doesn’t feel complete to you…remember that a doctor, or even a fertility specialist, is just ONE person.

And there’s only so much that one single person can do…you wouldn’t trust one person to land a spaceship on the moon, would you??

I bought books, like Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, which brings me to my next point: even if you aren’t actively trying for a baby right now, you can start targeting your reproductive health NOW! Meat, shellfish, dairy, eggs — or if you’re vegan, nuts/seeds/chickpeas/beans/grains — all contain a lot of zinc, which is very important for healthy eggs…and healthy sperm too!Here’s a list of foods containing over 20% of your daily zinc value, in just one serving:

  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Cashews

And foods containing between 15% – 20%:

  • Turkey
  • Quinoa
  • Shrimp
  • Spinach

And guess what? Meat, shellfish, dairy, and veggies like carrots and spinach are also high in B6, which is also important for pregnancy. For vitamin D (equally vital to fertility!), look once again to meat and dairy — for vegans, mushrooms are a good option.

It’s one thing to have a healthy diet, and another thing to intentionally and constantly fortify yourself with pregnancy-boosting nutrients!!

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Speaking of pregnancy-boosting, timing is of course very important too! (This didn’t apply so much to my own personal story, because I was still only getting my cycle intermittently two years after going off of birth control.)In fact, as you’ll see if you watch my video above, there is a pretty AWESOME story about how much the circumstances of me finally getting pregnant felt like destiny or like a MOVIE…But you’ll have to watch the video to hear more! 😉

Most people think that your most fertile window is the day ovulation starts, but actually, it’s the few days BEFORE ovulation begins!

And if you don’t trust the cycle-tracking power of an app, you can even invest in an ovulation prediction KIT that measures LH, luteinizing hormone, which indicates you are about to ovulate and that now is the best time to, well, get busy! This is because sperm can live 3 – 5 days in your body, while eggs only live 1 day. So by trying in the few days before ovulation as well as during, you’re giving yourself more chances during your fertility window…a window that many women are not aware exists BEFORE ovulation too!

One last thing: try not to worry, stress, or obsess.

I know that if you’re trying for a baby, emotions can run high, and I understand more than anyone!! But low stress is actually positively associated with fertility, and besides, it’s not like you can “bully” your body into doing what your mind wants!

No matter how difficult things got sometimes during our infertility journey, I know Steven and I really learned and grew so much — I wouldn’t change a thing, because otherwise I wouldn’t have my Ella, who is now almost 1!!

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I’m talking to you from the other side, the light at the end of the tunnel. If you ever need more advice or encouragement…whether you’re trying for a baby, pregnant, or a new mom…I am right here ready to work with you!

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