Should I Go to Therapy or Get Bangs? 😉 (Or Both?)

First of all, this title “Should I Go to Therapy or Get Bangs” is a reference to this AMAZING video that everyone should watch right now:

Anyway…you might be wondering why I’m asking a question like that today.

Well, because I personally think EVERYBODY can benefit from going to therapy, even if they don’t have a specific “reason.”

And I thought the question “Should I go to therapy or get bangs?” was not only funny, but kinda relatable because you might think bangs could fix your issue just as well, if it’s a small issue. But let me argue in favor of therapy for just a sec here. 😉

It seems like, until super recently, therapy was “reserved” for people with specific mental health concerns. Or people who are really facing a big struggle.

But today you’ll hear people casually say, “Yeah, I just got done with therapy.” or “That’s what my therapist said!”



And everybody is super casual mentioning therapy. Not embarrassed or shy about it at all. Not that they SHOULD be!!


But just like the question, “Should I go to therapy or get bangs?” sounds so casual…lots of people are casual about the concept of therapy!

You don’t have to have depression or anxiety or anything! It’s more and more common today for anyone to try talk therapy, just to see how it might benefit them.

Even if there’s nothing “wrong” going on, there’s also nothing wrong with doing therapy anyway!!

…Or is there?

Isn’t it a little weird to be talking to a therapist if you don’t need one? Is it offensive to people who have a real mental illness? I want to dig a bit deeper into the value of therapy for everybody. Should you really “just try it,” or is that a waste of money?

Should you just get the bangs instead?? 😉

I’m going to make the case that absolutely everybody can benefit from therapy!

After all, the whole point of therapy is that you can’t get out of your own head to fix your own brain and see your own problems. So, you probably have life issues, or areas of improvement, that you are not even aware of yet!

You might be looking through rose colored glasses about something. Or seeing the glass half empty on something else. And the therapist will help you just plain SEE!



If you’re worried that the therapist might just be making up problems for you, if you have none…don’t! That doesn’t happen! Instead, they will just act as more of a personal motivator / life coach for you.

I mean…a mentor with an advanced psychology degree who can give you more tools in your tool kit to resolve conflicts, set goals, react to difficult situations…Kinda sounds like a dream!!

In an article he wrote for Psychology Today, Dr. Ryan Howes says to think of it this way…

A lot of you guys probably make going to the gym a regular part of your life! Or at least I hope you do! So you would never say, “I’m not going to bother going to the gym ever! I’m already in shape!”

That would be silly, right? Because you have to work to MAINTAIN a healthy body!

And also, no matter how long you go to the gym, you’re always building new muscles or figuring out new machines. Overall, just because you’re in shape doesn’t mean it’s suddenly not worth it to go to the gym!

Now I know that was kind of a long analogy so hopefully you didn’t lose track of what we were talking about before…

But THERAPY is just like that!!

You may feel fine and in shape mentally, but in order to maintain that, you have to work on it by improving things like mindfulness, communication, self-confidence, or whatever!

Think of your therapist as your personal BRAIN trainer! 😉

But hey, if you’re still not quite convinced that therapy is the right method for your personal development, there’s also MY online wellness group, where I check in with my team on their body AND MIND goals. Click here if you’re interested!



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