Pumping The Well: Tip For Coaches

I’m sure you’ve read the Compound Effect or are reading it right now. I need to pull out such an important topic that hits home with me. You need to know “Pumping The Well,” who remembers that chapter?

Pumping the well
Photographer: Steve Adams | Source: Unsplash

You know those old Wells, you’d go out and pump to get the water out. How many times would you have to pump to get the water going, and you get nothing?

You’d be sitting there pumping, pumping, pumping, nothing, nothing, nothing. You want to give up because heck no water is going to come and then, sure enough, you finally are about to give up and what starts flowing water and from then on you just have like, it’s pretty easy. It’s not that hard anymore. You give it a couple of pumps here and there, and it keeps flowing, and it keeps flowing.

Compound Effect Tip For Coaches

That’s just like coaching. It starts, and you need to invest a lot into it to get it going.

It starts slow, and it’s going to end up flowing. But you have to wait it out long enough for it to get there. As humans, patience is not our strong point, so if you’re able to wait until you get that water flowing, you’ll be able to coast along a little bit more.

Pumping the well
Photographer: Fikri Rasyid | Source: Unsplash

Another mistake we make is thinking we can quit and pick up where we left off, but if you stop pumping that flowing water, it stops. Can you just come back five minutes later and give it one pump and expect it to flow.

It’s about being consistent, making sure you do that power hour every single day. If you do that for a year, I guarantee you you are going to see success. So keep pumping that well. If you haven’t read The Compound Effect yet, it is a must.

I hope this inspires you to keep pumping that well and not give up. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this business, reach out and have a conversation.