On the Fitness Journey: Taking Postpartum Progress Pics!

So I take a lot of postpartum progress pics, and I encourage other women to do the same. The reason I do it is, I want people to realize their body won’t look perfect, but the most beautiful thing is the life they’ve just created!

postpartum progress pics
2 months vs. 6 months postpartum

And I think that’s the most important thing to remember when you’re taking any kind of progress pics. You’re supposed to be doing it primarily for yourself, first of all…not just to update everyone else. You’re supposed to be doing it to record your own journey, “warts and all,” as they say. In fact, progress pics may not have a perfectly linear progression. There may be fluctuations in weight loss and gain, or many months of a plateau.

That’s something you just plain don’t see in before and after pics with ads…It usually isn’t just a straight shot.

So, again, the reason I take postpartum progress pics is to show women that it’s very possible to make the journey back…but that also, every step along the way, they are beautiful!

But like I said, the pictures are primarily for you. You should feel inspired by this beautiful body that was able to do such an extreme, unbelievable, powerful thing.

The scars that won’t go away, from C-section scars to stretch marks…to expanded breast tissue that causes the surrounding skin to sag…to melasma dark spots on the face caused by pregnancy hormones…

I want women to be able to see that even if these marks never go away completely (though they will fade!), they are beautiful! While you can use a natural glycolic peel on your spots, or use Curad or Mederma on your C-section scars to help them fade to their pencil-thin state quicker…I want women to feel like they don’t HAVE to do any of that.

And I think that postpartum progress pics can help women feel better and more confident about the battle scars!!

But I wanted to write this blog not only to remind you that if you are taking postpartum progress pics, to focus in on that beauty… but that if you DON’T feel beautiful, stop taking them!

A few women have told me that they envied looking at my progress on Instagram.

Just before leaving hospital vs. 5 months postpartum

But for one thing, it’s easy to look at a few pictures of someone and not see everything that was going on behind the scenes! The pain and emotion and insecurities that were involved, it happens to every woman.

When I show my postpartum progress pics, I want to be empowering and encouraging. But I also realize that some women can look at a few progress pics from someone else, and it may cause them to feel insecure. I absolutely don’t want that to happen! And I think looking at these few pictures of other people can make us create an “accelerated timeline” in our heads, like, why aren’t we there yet?

And that is precisely the reason why I think everyone should take their own postpartum progress pics, whether they share them or not. It’s a way to rejoice in the beauty of the fact that your body isn’t quite the same. It shouldn’t be the same!! It’s been through a beautiful process and it will always have the tattoos in the passport stamp. 😉

But if looking at other women’s postpartum progress pics is actually a source of insecurity, not encouragement, then I would say to look away. Everyone is different and has their own timeline. Natural genetics plays a huge part!

And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, shameful about how long it takes or where you end up. You are beautiful, mama!!