Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts Peppermint Mocha!

Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts. It’s like the Jets vs the Sharks…or maybe the Jets and the Patriots!!

First off, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t judge the two of these based on a nutritional comparison…

I haven’t gotten the chance to try them yet, although I will say that Starbucks’ description sounds VERY persuasive…I love their espresso roast already, and then they describe the steamed milk, mixed with the delectable sweet sauce that produces the mocha and peppermint flavor…YUM!

Although, take a look at the cross-stitch style of sauce on the Dunkin Donuts peppermint mocha latte:

That’s just about too cute to resist!

But anyway, enough oohing and aahing over how good they look and taste; let’s get to the nitty-gritty of how good (or really, bad) they are for you:

Calories – 440
Sodium – 140 mg
Carbs – 63 g
Sugar- 54 g

Oof, that’s pretty rough on the.sugar. But on the bright side, it does have 13 grams of protein, probably definitely helped by the milk.

Now, let’s see how Dunkin stacks up!
Calories – 380
Sodium – 220 mg
Carbs – 80 g
Sugar- 74 g

AGHH! Sorry, I didn’t mean to scream!

It looks like there’s no question that Starbucks wins out here, even though neither could be described as good for you. Although, Dunkin does win out by having 14 grams of protein. Both of them also have almost 50% of your daily calcium, with some iron in there too.

But it’s almost impossible to justify that much sugar, isn’t it?

And with all that sugar, you might be questioning, like, where, why?? Because of course normal mocha sauce and peppermint sauce has no reason to have that much sugar. Of course, the simplest answer is the right one: that the reason it has so much sugar is because people enjoyed it that way and bought it that way. It’s all our fault! 😉

But as for Starbucks (I’m not sure about Dunkin Donuts), they decided to cut the sugar out of their frappuccino, because that was scaring away customers. So see, we can vote with our wallets!

After sales went down, they cut some sugar, getting it down from 60 g to 46 g, and putting a lot of work into doing so. The beverage innovation manager (that sounds like a cool job, to be honest) Jason Davis, said that they tried out 20 types of cream and 70 types of vanilla.

Apparently they’re working hard at getting the sugar count down even lower, which I definitely agree they should. 46 is still way, way too high!!

So is there any way to get the minty seasonal taste without all that crazy sugar and dizzying carbs? If you want the taste without the glucose spike, Peppermint Mocha Shakeology is now available by Beachbody! It’s got nothing but loads of nutrition, from pea protein, to flaxseed, to fiber, to the antioxidant camu camu, to matcha, to pomegranate! Seriously, all of the above!

I LOVE Shakeology Peppermint Mocha so much that I plan on ordering more before they sell out.

And yes, it still tastes like peppermint mocha and, well, the holidays!! If you’re interested, I’ll be happy to tell you about all the different options…Like the duo pack with Pumpkin Spice, which is still available in the store too.

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