My Best Tips on Starting a Home Garden!

With every beautiful home garden you see on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and more…You’ve probably looked and thought, “I want to do that!!” Today, I’m here to teach you how to get a green thumb.

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First of all, I am assuming that since you clicked on this blog post about how to START gardening, you’re somewhat of a beginner! Although, I think my tips today will help even if gardening is already one of your hobbies.

1. Give it Some Sun

Okay, I totally understand that even the most beginner of beginners know that plants need sun! But I just want to point out more specifically that wherever your garden is, make sure it’s somewhere that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight a day, since that’s how much most plants need to survive. More hours than that is even better, of course!

2. Garden Type

The next thing you’re going to want to do is decide what type of garden you want…Raised beds or in-ground?

Of course, for some people this question is easy to answer. If you live in an apartment complex, tearing up the ground to make space for your garden is probably not an option. And it’s also true that the raised bed/boxes option is easier to take care of…you just have to pull a few weeds, not deal with hundreds! Also, many people argue that plants grow better in raised beds because they drain water easily, and also get warm quicker in cold areas (like here in Canada!!).

However, having an in-ground garden can also be seen as less work, especially if you have access to a rototiller or tractor to make the plot. Because then, with the exception of adding topsoil and other minor preparations, you are pretty much ready to plant. You don’t have to do all the start-up work that you have to with raised beds.


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3. Short Growing Season?

I know I just said “ready to plant,” but unfortunately, since it’s summer now you may have to wait until next year for most of your home garden plans.

That’s because, especially here in Canada, you have a shorter growing season. But don’t worry! You still have lots of options on what to plant…You just need to start early! Here are some of my faves:

Start in April:

– Peas

– Kale

– Broccoli

– Spinach


– Lettuce


– Beans

– Squash

– Peppers

– Tomatoes

4. Fertilizer and Lime

Lime is a great way to make soil less acidic, which, as you can imagine, is a more fertile environment for plants. When I say that you should sprinkle lime on your soil in the fall before you plant the next year, I am mostly talking to the in-ground gardeners here. Because, if you have a box garden / raised garden, then you’re probably going to use compost and mulch for your soil.

5. Having FUN With Your Home Garden!

I know maybe this sounds like a silly tip, but like I said, many people are inspired to start a home garden because of something they saw online. Or maybe it just feels like something you “should do” to save money, and enjoy natural, organic, healthy foods.

Which, it is absolutely is all of that! But I also really think that if you’re going to start a home garden, it needs to be something that you truly feel excited and motivated to do. Gardening is work, but it should be fun, too.

And I’ll tell you, I think the most fun part…even more fun then eating what you’ve grown…is watching your plants grow…seeing your blossoms sprout…and seeing the tiniest beginnings of veggies. Letting you know that all your hard work is paying off and that you are capable of being a PLANT MOM!

Have you ever tried gardening? And if so, is your home garden something that you enjoy, or does it just stress you out? Let me know what you think in the comments…And if you have any gardening tips of your own, please share those too!


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