Life Makeover! How to Get a Fresh Start

Life Makeover

“Life makeover”…I love the sound of that! But if most of us are honest with ourselves, it’s not often enough that we reboot, refresh, and makeover our minds.

Giving yourself a physical makeover is great, but what about the mental, spiritual, emotional side? Let’s talk about a Life Makeover:

1. A certain type of physical makeover IS an emotional makeover.

Yes, I know I just got done acting like a physical makeover and an emotional one are two different things. But often, physically transforming your body, or at least treating it better, is THE number one best way to makeover your mindset, too!

In fact, speaking of mindset, click here to learn a bit about the diet I am obsessed with right now: 2B Mindset.

What I love about this is that it ingeniously mixes what we love about the freedom of intuitive eating, with basic guidelines and smart visuals that make it SO easy to eat healthy, but on your terms. Anyway, just keep in mind that if you are not doing the best mentally, the secret to beating that could be physical. As in diet and exercise, but also things like yoga and self-care (baths, candles…things that help you feel better physically, but also to get in touch with your spirit emotionally).

Rock Maze
2. Bump unimportant things off your list!

This one goes without saying…A life makeover and mental health makeover means getting rid of allllll the unimportant things on your schedule! Really think through some things that are on your calendar that you’re dreading. Time spent with a toxic friend, for example. When you really give yourself a moment to be real and true with yourself, you know that that is not where you want to be putting your time or your energy. And I completely understand that it’s HARD to bump unimportant things, drama-causing things, toxic things – and in that case, people – out of your life. But it’s the best way to get MORE time in your life for the things that do matter.

3. Again…a physical makeover IS an emotional makeover:

This isn’t quite the same thing as tip #1! This time, I’m saying, a makeover in the traditional sense COULD be the key to an emotional makeover. But I don’t mean that in a “shallow” way. I’m not saying you need to go get your roots or your brows done or get a facial peel right this second! Although those things are valid.

What I am thinking of right now is a special kind of beauty makeover. By that I mean, is there a beauty or aesthetic choice you’ve been wanting to make for a while now, but you’ve been too afraid to do it? Let’s say, dyeing your hair, or getting a funky piece of jewelry that someone else thought was ugly, or wearing all black. If you are drawn to a daring choice, but are worried about what others might think, don’t be! Because we all deserve our freedom of self-expression. And sometimes, trying out a new look that speaks to you can become part of your identity…and can be good for your mental health!

Speaking of positive risk-taking…have you ever thought about getting a business mentor who can help lead you through everything you need to do to start your own business?

You don’t have to make any decisions right now, of course, but if you are interested in more information about being your OWN boss in the health and fitness space, all you have to do is send me a message. I’ll be in touch soon!