Is It Safe to Exercise While Pregnant? Or Are You Risking Complications?

So I think most of us are already in agreement that exercising during pregnancy is really good for you, and weren’t even asking the question, “Is it SAFE to exercise while pregnant?”

BUT I’m sure many of you were wondering to what extent you should slow down the intensity, and what signs to watch out for that you’re pushing too hard. (The pushing part is supposed to come later…OK, not funny, sorry!!) Also, what are the BEST exercises you can be doing to ensure optimal health for your baby and yourself?

I’m about to tell you everything, straight from medical experts who were tasked with UPDATING all the govt.’s outdated standards.

These experts found that exercising while pregnant actually reduces the chance of complications by 40%!

Yep, you heard that right, just a bit of cardio and you can cut your worries almost in half!!

So our govt.’s official guidelines for pregnant women hadn’t been updated for 15 years, AND there was some outdated info indicating that exercising while pregnant is dangerous. NOT THE CASE!

People used to think it led to disorders like preeclampsia, which affects the mother’s blood pressure, which affects the baby’s organs. A complication like that could lead to small/premature babies, or even miscarriage due to organ failure.

HOWEVER, it turns out that exercising REDUCES your risk of preeclampsia or gestational diabetes/hypertension.

They had it totally backwards!!

Of course, everyone is different, and I am completely in favor of asking your doctor FIRST especially before trying anything new. Also, keep in mind, we’re not talking about super crazy intense exercise here, but it might be more intense that you THOUGHT:

Yep, being pregnant is no excuse to avoid doing those killer workouts! (Well, actually, it is a good excuse, and if you’re feeling sick or lightheaded you should quit, but you know what I mean…)

So, who says this is OK, besides myself and the thousands of other women who have successfully done moderate to somewhat intense exercise while pregnant??

Professor Margie Davenport from the University of Alberta…

Who helped conduct the studies to create these guidelines. She DID say that there hasn’t been a study done on intense exercise, and that the overall guideline is 2 and 1/2 hours of moderate exercise a week.

She defines moderate exercise as powerwalking, running and swimming. So yes, you can still run!! Or use my vids posted here as inspiration for what kind of cardio to do. πŸ˜ƒ

Just don’t do horseback riding or anything else where you could fall from any height. But you already knew that, obviously!! (When Professor Davenport mentioned that, I think she only did it to highlight the fact that falling really is the only danger involved with exercising while pregnant…while hormones, and exertion, and (good) stress really isn’t dangerous.)

It’s kind of funny how people used to think exercise caused all these problems like premature delivery…and really, exercise still protects against disease like always. Not exactly a shocker, in my book!!

And if you have severe anemia or you have a respiratory condition, then you will definitely want to reconsider the amount of exercise.

But if you’re good to go, and ready to have an AMAZINGLY HEALTHY baby, check out more of my videos on pregnancy workouts and meal plans: