Is Honey the Ultimate Skin Savior? (Honey Face Mask!)

Both honey and face masks have been part of ancient cultures’ beauty rituals…So why not combine them today?

Most ancient Egyptian medicines had honey in them! And they used it to heal infections too. The ancient Egyptians basically worshiped bees the same way they worshiped cats!

Also, Ancient Ayurvedic medicine recommended honey for skin conditions like psoriasis.

And it turns out, both of these ancient cultures were a hundred percent right!

Honey is what’s called a “humectant” — which just means “an ingredient that draws moisture to the skin.”

This is really important because so many cleansers that don’t have these humectants use a very nefarious method to moisturize your face…they end up stealing moisture from the deeper layers of your skin, which makes you more vulnerable to wrinkles and damage!

Honey is one of these humectants, too! It will not only draw moisture from the environment to the skin; it also dehydrates bacteria by doing this, and so it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial too.

So humectants are also good for keeping your skin clean…and also because they your skin retain moisture even after you wash the product off your face — in the long run, reducing and preventing wrinkles!

So, am I suggesting you just pour some honey all over your face like you’re Winnie the Pooh levels of obsessed??

Well, you could, if you don’t want to get a honey face mask instead!

I read some articles talking about how honey has fixed everything from eczema to acne breakouts.

But you’ll want it to be raw honey. It needs to be raw and unpasteurized because the honey needs to have its healthy bacteria (similar to yogurt and its probiotics)!

Honey is even good for helping fade scars, just like vitamin E.

Again, don’t forget that last benefit: potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles, because it’s a humectant!

And if you’re saying, Morgan, I’m really not worried about “anti-aging” stuff yet…hear me out!

(And of course like I said, honey is good for dry skin, and its anti-bacterial properties anyway.) talks about how people tend to skip buying skin products that don’t have an IMMEDIATELY visible payoff like glowing skin or getting rid of acne — if the benefit is long-term people aren’t interested. After all, we are very visual creatures so it makes sense that we’re more concerned with the “now” than with preventative skin care!!

But the nutrients and antioxidants (polyphenols) in honey, and the fact that it’s a humectant, really can keep your skin moisturized and also PROTECT it against sun damage. If you want to stop wrinkles before they start, honey’s the way to go. (Or any anti-wrinkle product containing Vitamins A and C and other antioxidants. And also glycolic acid, because it stimulates collagen!)

And if this post about honey is just making you HUNGRY more than anything 😉, then you should check out the awesome recipes I’ve got on Instagram!

After all, nutrition is more important for skin care than any product is!