Is a Menstrual Cup the Secret to an Easy Peasy Period?

So I don’t think anyone can say they actually enjoy having their period. Although if you do, more power to ya! But ever since I started using a menstrual cup (instead of annoying short-lasting tampons)…I can almost say I enjoy the visit from “Aunt Flo”!

For one thing, having a menstrual cup is cheaper! Let’s say a 50 count box of tampons costs $10 CAD, and let’s say you buy one every 2 months. Of course that’s $60 a year.

And guess what? My cup only costs $20!! So way to pay only 1/3 the price of being a lady…

But I understand that cost saving over the whole year isn’t convincing enough on its own. So what else is so magical about these babies??

Well to some extent, you’d have to experience it for yourself how much more convenient it is. For one thing you’ll probably only have to change it about twice a day (unless your flow is really heavy). They hold FIVE TIMES the amount of a regular tampon. According to the guidelines for avoiding toxic shock syndrome, tampons should be changed every 7 hours while menstrual cups can be left in up to 12 hours. So you can actually go to bed at night with a menstrual cup in, without low-key stressing over whether it will give you a fatal bacterial infection from being left in too long. I would say that’s definitely a plus. 😉

(Menstrual cups are less dangerous in general since one of the worst breeding grounds for the bacteria are LITTLE VAGINAL TEARS caused by cotton. If your tampon is too absorbent for your flow, that’s when these tears happen. Let’s avoid that issue altogether…while also not settling for pads that will make you feel kinda gross, and stop you from wearing yoga pants or going to the pool…)

So anyway, what else is better about the cups? Well, to add onto the whole lasts longer, holds more liquid thing, menstrual cups should also have LESS LEAKS because of improved suction. Granted, you have to have the right size cup (most companies have small and large, smaller being for younger women who haven’t given birth and don’t have a heavy flow; large for women for whom those things aren’t true). That’s something to ask your gynecologist about.

You also have to be sure to insert it properly, but don’t worry, that’s super easy! All you do is, put water around the rim of the cup to make it easier to slide in, then fold it in half like a taco/C shape (make sure it’s facing the right way, rim up) and insert.

And of course, just like it was when you put in a tampon for the first time…well, you probably don’t remember that any more…it takes a bit of patience to get it to unfold and sit properly but once it does you should NOT feel anything. Which is obviously a big plus vs. the gross “wet” feeling of pads!!

Want to know what I use? The Blossom Cup!

(Or feel free to browse the rest of my favorite most awesome products, when you have time!)

Oh, but one last thing: a couple days ago my friend told me about menstrual “discs” that might even be better than the cup. Companies like “Flex” (US) and “Softcup” (Canada) are just starting out with these interesting new products. (Click here to check out Softcups on Amazon)

Similar to the cup, except they’re disposable. They have pretty much universally great reviews about the shape/comfort/fit…They can still be worn for 12 hours!

Plus, there’s the added advantage that (unlike with cups or anything else), you can have sex while using a disposable menstrual disc. There’s nothing dangerous about doing so and no risk of leaks…I don’t think I need to explain further!

Saving $100s on hygiene products and also saving the environment?

Avoiding TSS fears in favor of getting a full night’s sleep?

Less changing, less risk of leaks?

Less BPAs and dyes going up in the hoo-haa (because many tampon brands use BLEACHED rayon which has been linked to cancer)?

So I can’t think of any reasons you shouldn’t switch to a menstrual cup. (Or disc!) If there’s any way to make that time of the month even a little less of an obstacle and a menace, then why wouldn’t you?

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If you already use a menstrual cup, comment below and let me know what you think of it!!