How to Streamline You and Your Kids’ Morning and Bedtime Routines

How can you finally make your life easier by streamlining you and your kids’ morning and bedtime routines, so you never have to experience the anxiety of rushing around??

bedtime routines

Why is it so difficult to get your kids up in the morning, and to bed at night? Why is it so difficult to establish morning routines and bedtime routines?

Well, the same reason it’s sometimes difficult for US to get up in the morning and go to bed at night…because there are things to do, but we’re tired too!

Bedtime is Bedtime

This might seem like the most obvious answer, but I’m still putting it here for a reason!

Because, oftentimes life gets in the way…and so we and our kids are not getting to bed on time. But we all thrive on structure. Your kids are more likely to consider bedtime a sacred, fixed thing if you treat it that way!

So, bedtime is bedtime.

How many days in a row can you and your kids maintain a streak of going to bed on time? This is how bedtime routines are created.

Maybe you can consider getting to bed on time to be one of the household CHORES…and so if your kids go to bed on time a certain number of days in a row, then they can pick a chore off the chore wheel that they don’t have to do.

Make a Cozy Sleeping Environment

Obviously, bedtime means no phones or other electronics. But that’s true for you too, Mom and Dad! Instead, integrate something else enjoyable and soothing into the sleeping routine, like soft music and comfy pillows. A comfortable sleep environment free of bright lights (for example, there are many dimmable night lights, with less harsh LED bulbs) will help you and your kids actually get the most out of 8+ hours of sleep.

Create a Morning Routine Together With Your Kids

Many moms (and dads) have figured out that if we pack lunches the night before, organize the kids’ clothes the night before, and have breakfast decided on the night before, things go a lot smoother. But why not have your children be part of this process? Not only does it make them feel included and have more input (this is a good time to help them learn about nutrition too!), but by helping do these tasks they appreciate the work that goes into them.

So hey, many birds with one stone here. Pack the lunches, get the clothes together, all in advance…But there’s no reason your kids can’t help you out with this!

Just Breathe

Inevitably, as much as you try to streamline those morning and bedtime routines, there are going to be hiccups. That’s just part of life. But whatever or whoever is causing the hiccup, it’s important to breathe and stay calm.

Lashing out or yelling isn’t going to help, and is just going to make the morning or night go worse. Stay calm and organized, and your kids will follow suit! After all, there’s no way to have tantrums about missing socks, lost shoes, can’t find backpack, etc. if there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Everything in its place…Maybe that’s not 100% realistic for every single morning and bedtime routine, but it’s a good standard to try and meet.

Do you feel like your household is ORGANIZED in your attempts to get everyone ready for bed, or get ready for the day? Do you have more tips that help your family stay on track? Let me know in the comments!