Heat Up Your Summer with Morning Meltdown 100!

So coach Jericho McMatthews is coming out with a new training program, Morning Meltdown 💯.



Alright. Can I just be SUPER blunt and honest with you!?

I have been doing  Beachbody workouts for 15+ years.
I have been a Beachbody Coach helping other for 6 years.

And this program, I know SO deep in my core, is about to become my SOUL MATE program!

Why!? 2 REASONS!

1. It is based on THRIVING off of a morning routine (which is SO me! It only took me 8 years to get over my excuse of not being a morning person)
2. MUSIC! Freakin’ EPIC pump up jams!

SO – let’s dive into the DETAILS so you can decide if this is right for you or not!


  • Contact me asap (via email, IG, FB) or you can fill out this form:
  • We will chat back and forth and get you set up with the package that you feel is right for you
  • I will set up your order VIA ‘share-a-cart’ and you will get a COMPLETION email from Beachbody
  • Once you complete the order, I will send you my WELCOME email which guides you through everything step by step AND I will add you into our OFFICIAL MORNING MELTDOWN 100 CHALLENGE GROUP with everyone else doing this with us!


  • No biggy!
  • Make sure you message me to let me know, so I don’t think you are just ignoring me 😉
  • Maybe I can help get you set up with something that IS more up your alley (if not, no problem too)

OKAY y’all – GO TIME! Read on!

Your morning has the power to set the tone for your entire day.

For many people, it’s also a chance to get in a little “me time.”

So what better way to start your day strong AND do something good for yourself than with a workout — one that leaves you feeling accomplished, energized, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you?

That’s where Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews comes in.

With her new program, Morning Meltdown 100, Jericho is going to help us unlock the very best version of ourselves by helping us achieve an incredible goal: to complete 100 workouts!

Who Is Jericho McMatthews?

Jericho McMatthews is a Beachbody Super Trainer, creator of Morning Meltdown 100, and co-creator of the MMA-inspired fitness program CORE DE FORCE.

Jericho holds personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has more than a decade of experience as a fitness authority and presenter at some of the fitness industry’s most esteemed conferences.

Known for her motivating, tough-love teaching style and fiery personality, Jericho is so excited to help even more people make fitness part of their daily lives with Morning Meltdown 100!

What Is Morning Meltdown 100?

Every morning, Jericho will  lead us through a 20- to 30-minute workout that can help us rev up our metabolism, burn fat all day, and build our best body ever — all working toward helping us live our BEST LIFE.

There are 100 unique workouts in total, and yep, each one is designed to help us transform our body!

But more importantly, these 100 workouts give us 100 opportunities to work on ourselves — and reap the rewards of working out in the morning.

“Waking up and sweating means starting your day with an endorphin rush, which instantly boosts your mood and sets a positive tone for the rest of your day,” Jericho explains. “You’ll feel happier, more accomplished, and less stressed, and you’ll have extra energy to tackle the rest of your day as it unfolds.”

On the one hand you’ve got high intensity cardio, and on the other you’ve also got weights! I wasn’t kidding when I said total body workout!! So yes, it will be intense, but you’ve got us with you, and you’ve got the music, and something totally new every day. Plus, even though it’s moderate to intense the whole way through, there are two exercise modifiers for everything in the program. I recommend you really take a chance on this even if you are a little hesitant on having an intense morning!

(If you absolutely cannot workout out in the morning – of course you can STILL do this program! )

What Kinds of Workouts Are Included in Morning Meltdown 100?

Jericho created the program with tons of variety to help keep our body progressing.

“Expect to see a well-rounded variety of training modalities across the board, including HIIT, resistance, active recovery, mobility, and more,” she says.

That variety is key to helping us transform our body in just 100 days.

Not only will it help us optimize our results and prevent training plateaus, but it will also help us avoid burnout and boredom.

Plus, Jericho designed the program with OUR busy life in mind. The workouts are short enough to easily fit into your day and the schedule is flexible, so you can stay on-track even when life gets in the way.

After all, it doesn’t matter how you get to 100 workouts — you just have to get there.


Music and Morning Meltdown 100

Music plays a huge role in the program. For the first time in Beachbody history, each workout is set to a heart-pumping BPM (that’s beats per minute) playlist mixed by a live DJ.

Why a live DJ?

“Working out with the DJ feels like a party! You’ll have fun, live in the moment, and connect to the workout like never before,” says Jericho.

Between the upbeat mixes and Jericho’s energy, you’ll have all the motivation you need to give every morning sweat session your all.

What Else Is Included in Morning Meltdown 100?

We don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say Jericho has some surprises in store to help you stick with the challenge.

She hints, “We’ve created some new tools for this program that help you create personalized goals, track your progress, and unlock your potential.

“When can I start?”

Packages go on sale for NEW and EXISTING coaches on July 1 – July 16th. SO – if you are a Beachbody Coach already – get ready for July 1st! If you are someone is wants to SIGN UP as a new coach – get ready for July 1st!

If you are someone who wants to sign up as a customer – get ready for JULY 17th! You can purchase a package then.

THEN – we ALL start the program on MONDAY, JULY 29TH.

And remember – 100 workouts does not mean this program is 100 days long. Jericho will explain it all – but it is up to YOU what pace you go at.

And like I mentioned at the top of all this info – in order to get set up – you gotta contact me (Morgan) and we will get ya going!


Package Options

Obviously ANY option is PHENOMENAL! I personally use Shakeology, Energize, Recover, and Beachbars daily. I have done the 3 Day Refresh about 7 or 8 times now! And actually decided to test out the GREENS BOOST again because I tried it in the past and it just made me feel so good!




EXTRA KNOWLEDGE BASED VIDEOS for my people who LOVE to get all the information before making an educated decision (P.S.: I HOPE that is you!)




And – you are probably wondering – what MEAL plan do I follow!?

Well – feel free to follow the BASIC nutrition guide that comes with your package – OR – feel free to follow one of the nutrition education programs I have personally DONE and love (I have done BOTH) – 2B Mindset and The Ultimate Portion Fix.


DANGIT! I am so friggen excited! I don’t think I have EVER been so pumped for a program! Is it JULY 29th yet!?

Let’s do this!

Message me right now to let me know if, YES, this is right for you…

and I’ll walk ya through the next steps (if you have questions or concers, send those too) OR let me know that, NO, this is not for you. (Don’t just ghost me please! I don’t want to annoy you and continue to message you if this is not for you).

Oh! And when you DO message me – let me know if you want to get started as a COACH or CUSTOMER.

What’s the difference?

It’s YOUR choice! I personally recommend a coach because it is the exact same price. There is a monthly $15.95us/$17.95cad fee – however you get 25% off all future purchases….so say you LOVE Shakeology…with the 25% off and with the fee you STILL end up saving money for the month. You can choose to do what I do as a Beachbody Coach if you want, OR you can simply be a discount coach:)

Chat soon,



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