Healthy Holiday Appetizers (Your Guests Will Love You Forever)


So Thanksgiving is already over, but as we all know the time of treats is just arriving! Every year we wonder how the heck we're going to avoid gaining 10+ pounds over the holiday season…But this year, with my nice list of healthy holiday appetizers, I think I might finally have the solution! 😉

Healthy Holiday Appetizers

First of all, more so than avoiding calories or saturated fats, my goal is more to avoid unhealthy simple carbs that spike your glucose. (The research on saturated fats is definitely still being debated by scientists around the globe, but a lot of that research says that since saturated fat lipoproteins are so LARGE in your arteries, they aren't the dangerous ones going to clog arteries like the cholesterol from trans fats would.)

Also, I'm not going to concentrate a bunch on CALORIES, because I believe you should be able to enjoy yourself without worrying the whole time…And even though calorie count will help you pack on the pounds, I'm thinking more about long-term health here. So it matters more what you eat rather than how much.

I have plenty of workouts to help you work off that turkey and ham and stuffing and pie, after all!!

So I'm going to concentrate more today on starchy carbs…Nothing else!

The best way to do that is to find healthy holiday appetizers that replace your chips and dip. My favorite I've seen so far was an olive and artichoke recipe, with flatbread. Way less starchy than ranch and Lay's potato chips! In this recipe, you'll marinate olive oil, lemon zest, and pepper flakes, and mix it into your olives, artichoke, and (optional) Manchego. And again, what puts this at the top of my list of healthy holiday appetizers: it's filled with healthy fats, and none of those scary trans fats or simple carbs!

Another awesome example is cauliflower tots!

If you're a big tater tots fan (or maybe that's not something you and your family eat over the holidays), cauliflower not only makes this one of the healthy holiday appetizers, but has the added bonus of making it more fancy and posh so it doesn't feel like you're just eating tater tots as your appetizer. 😉 You can make them in the oven, but this is also a golden opportunity to use your air fryer! I would highly recommend it, personally!! Or if you don't like cauliflower but you do like sweet potatoes, a very similar recipe I'll link here is sweet potato hash browns you can make in your muffin tin. So long, farewell, carbs!

But let's say, you're not only looking for healthy holiday appetizers, but really impressive, unique, classy ones. Like a charcuterie board! Well then, try some guac and hummus, and maybe even some baba ganoush…with grilled veggies! (Grilled fruits too!) Not only is this a million times healthier than chips and dip, but you'll get so many compliments and people are going to feel great about themselves for reaching for the veg.

Grilled veggies are one of those FEW snacks that defy the logic, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." Grilled veggies taste ALMOST as good as cake…plus they're the best of the healthy holiday appetizers. Isn't that a Christmas miracle? 😉