Healthy “Cake Mix” Cookies (Your Kids Will Love Them!)

Cake mix cookies…They just sound SO great, don’t they (especially when you think about adding in sprinkles, M&Ms etc.)? But is there a healthier version?

cake mix cookies

I saw a recipe for cake mix cookies recently, and my first thought was, YES, I love cake mix and love cookies. Let’s do this!

But recently I’ve really been into trying to find healthier alternatives that are delicious, as you can see from checking out a couple of my other blogs:

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And, of course no offense meant to the bakers of the cake mix cookie recipe I found, but cake mix out of a box isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world! They’re full of artificial ingredients like hydrogenated oils. (The reason that hydrogenated oils are bad is because of what happens in the process of hydrogenation. Basically, the reason that big companies do this to the oil is so that it stays solid at room temperature, which is helpful for something like cake mix in a box! But, in the process of chemically, artificially pumping hydrogen molecules into the oil, many TRANS FATS are created. As you probably know, these fats are the main culprits for heart disease and cancer.)

Cake mix, why must you betray us so??

But don’t worry! I’ve found the answer. Easily avoid hydrogenated oils, artificial coloring, gluten, and excessive sugar by making your OWN cake mix cookies, and being sure to do two things:

A) Find the healthiest boxed cake mix you can, to use as your base!

B) Make healthy substitutions!

From organic, to non-GMO, to gluten-free, there are a bunch of healthy (healthIER) boxed cake mixes out there. You’ll also want to see things on the label like, “No Preservatives or Artificial Colors, “Cane Sugar” (rather than high fructose corn syrup), or “No Hydrogenated Oils.”

Now that you’ve got a healthier boxed cake mix BASE to work with, take note: most cake mix cookie recipes are deceptively simple, as in, they tell you:

Just add in eggs and vegetable oil, scoop balls of dough onto the baking sheet, and go!

After all, it’s that easy with the cake.

However! You can definitely use coconut oil or avocado oil instead, and also add in yogurt – either replacing the eggs, or in addition to the eggs, for an even better texture. Plus, more healthy fats! Also, consider adding some cocoa…cocoa powder has been known to reduce inflammation, and even lower blood pressure!

Last but not least, let me share with you a couple links to my FAVORITE cake mix cookies (that are also not going to make you feel guilty):

Soft and Chewy Cookies

Healthy Fudgy Chocolate Cookies

I hope you and your family really enjoy these! Are you enjoying my blogs on “healthier versions” of desserts and junk food? Let me know in the comments which food YOU want a healthy recipe for!