I am currently 6 months postpartum with my second child, via c-section. Incorporating fitness into my postpartum journey has helped me substantially with my postpartum anxiety. It’s an outlet I look forward to everyday knowing it makes me a stronger, more patient mom. It allows me to unleash any stress I’m having, and allows me to give more of myself to my family and others, knowing I am taking care of myself and making me a priority. I am the strongest I’ve been and in the best physical shape I’ve been. And in as little as 6 months post baby. Without these workouts, and the community of amazing women and other moms I’ve aligned myself with, really has impacted my life, more than I ever thought possible.

Amber Rae Mensing


I was beyond exhausted when I started back with my fitness, but knew that was not going to change and I just had to go for it to feel better!!! My son was up every 45 minute until he was 6 months old…and although I wasn’t sleeping, I was eating better and working out so I felt better!! Getting my fitness back after baby has made me believe I can do anything and I am strong!

Kelly Cescon