Does a Sleep Trainer Clock Really Work for Babies?

Have you ever heard of a sleep trainer clock? If not, it’s basically this magical alarm clock, and you just set it for when you want your toddler to wake up!! Could it possibly be that simple? Or is this too good to be true?

Does a Sleep Trainer Clock really Work for Babies

Well, the more you research the sleep trainer clock, the more you’ll see thousands of parents saying that this thing really works! However, I couldn’t find any actual scientific research done on this topic, or the reason it seems to connect so well with toddlers’ brains…

Basically, how most of these clocks seem to work is, they will light up a certain color (so that they’re also a night light) to tell your toddler it’s time to go to bed. Then, they’ll change color when it’s almost time to wake up, and change color again when it IS time to wake up (usually green or yellow color). Some of these will have gentle music/sounds to help fall asleep and wake up. And honestly, some of these clocks are so cute, with little digital sleeping smiley faces on them, I almost want one for myself!!

Anyway…even though there are unfortunately no scientific studies showing why these clocks work or don’t work, my personal hypothesis is this: toddlers don’t yet really understand what time it is, how to tell time, or even what time exactly “means.” (Wow, that’s deep, huh!!)

That means they’re not going to be able to understand a regular clock with numbers on it, or this idea of waking up with an alarm…

HOWEVER, a sleep trainer clock can function more like a stuffed animal or friend. And so, your toddler can understand that when their sleep clock friend “wakes up,” then it’s time for them to wake up, too.

I think it goes without saying that your toddler will have to be old enough to understand you telling them that when are new friend wakes up, it’s time for them to wake up.

Ella is not quite old enough yet so I can’t say from personal experience whether a sleep trainer clock works, but I am intrigued.

I do still have a solution for babies, though: the “Snuggle Me” baby sleeper!