Choosy, Refined, Selective…PICKY with Food!!

You can call it any of those words above…but let’s call it what it is: picky with food!!

Is it possible to transform from a picky eater to a human garbage disposal? 😉 Proooobably not. But here are my tips for broadening your horizons with food…yes, even Brussels sprouts!!
So I’ve never really been a picky eater myself, but I’ve always empathized with them because it seems like ADULTS who are picky with food get “badmouthed” (pun intended!!) by others.
People call them childish, and immature, and unwilling to try new things…
But I know for some picky people, it’s like an actual physical aversion. They feel like they’re going to throw up trying to eat a food they don’t like!! 🤮 So if they don’t want to try that new restaurant with you, it’s not like they’re being a baby on purpose…It’s just that they’d rather not feel nauseous and anxious the whole time.
So my question is, is it possible to undo this deeply-rooted hate??
Even with something that may seem a little extreme for the situation, like talk therapy or hypnosis or exposure therapy or whatever?
Well, Anthony Sclafani is a “taste specialist” from Brooklyn College (sounds like a cool job!) studying how your unique biology and your brain determines what foods you like and don’t like. He says that taste is complicated BUT it’s something we can hack!! (And I mean like hack our brains, not gag and “hack” the food up.  🤢 Lol!)
He says that taste isn’t just about the flavor we have on our tongue, but also about how the food smells and its texture. (I’ve never been one of those people who minds a food’s texture but I know a lot of people who can’t eat foods that are kind of slimy, and they won’t drink my chia seed smoothies. 😢)
BUT on the bright side, we get less sensitive to these effects as we grow older.
Our sense of smell decreases from being a child to be an adult. That’s why a lot of kids are picky eaters, and some of them mellow out when they’re adults. Y’know how you used to hate broccoli and now you love it? Exactly!
So if you can become less sensitive as an adult, than you were as a child…then can you ALSO become less sensitive to the foods you still hate NOW?
Well, Professor Sclafani says you can indeed become less picky with food! He says you should introduce picky eaters through slow exposure, whether it’s a child or an adult.
Basically what you do is, FIRST you just buy the food and haven’t sit in your house, maybe smell it. But don’t try to eat it, just get comfortable with seeing and smelling it without getting too grossed out!
Once you can get to that step without feeling gaggy, then try putting the food in your mouth or putting your tongue on it without any expectation that you’re actually going to chew and swallow it. (This is something I would want to do alone, because it sounds kind of embarrassing, but also like it works!! Haha!)

Then, the final step would be adding the food you don’t like into a mix of other foods, like a stir fry or a taco or a salad or a stew or soup…something where you’re not going to notice it too much.

LAST STEP! You’ll make yourself that meal a few more times but slowly up the ratio of the food you don’t like, or slowly use less spices to cover up the taste of the food you don’t like! 😊

And at least according to Scalfani, eventually you’ll get to a point where you’re no longer picky with food, even if it takes months or longer!!

So what’s your picky food(s)? Do you have just one or like a million? I’m curious to know how picky all of you are!!

And remember if you want my help on anything from food to fitness to business, I’m just a click away!