Best Exercises for Weight Loss (One Exercise You’re Definitely Not Expecting)

You’ve probably heard by now that if you want to lose weight, exercise should be part of your routine, but diet and nutrition are going to be the most important factors. But still, there’s got to be something to knowing and doing the best exercises for weight loss, right?

First of all, the frequency of your exercises is going to make a difference. This pretty much goes without saying, but that once a week moderate, relaxed bike ride or walk or jog won’t do it. If you’re new to exercising, make sure you go at least 3 days a week, and then slowly work your way up to 4+ days a week. Obviously, more sessions mean more calories burned!

How else do you burn calories? High-intensity exercise! This is absolutely one of the best exercises for weight loss. You may already know a little bit about HIIT, but let’s recap: this is a style of exercise where your heart rate is very rapid for a short amount of time, then you take a short break, then you go as hard as possible for the same interval…back and forth, but the breaks are very important to ensure you can really give it your all in the high-intensity interval.

That might mean doing a minute of burpees, then resting for 20 seconds, then doing a minute of lunges, then resting for 20 seconds, then doing a minute of planks, and resting for 20 seconds, and repeating that whole thing 5 times in a row for your exercise.

Then, up the duration as you get better at HIIT! Best of all, this is something that you can of course do in the comfort of your own home without having to go to the gym.

So it’s understandable that going as hard as you possibly can, even if only for a short amount of time, will help you lose weight. But how exactly does it help? Well, it raises your metabolism, an effect that lasts for HOURS after the exercise is done.

And scientists don’t know exactly WHY HIIT is one of the best exercises for weight loss, more so than a longer period of steady exercise, but studies show it’s true!

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For example, this study on 120 patients, some of whom did steady moderate workouts and some of whom did HIIT workouts: The study was on patients in their 60s because they were primarily studying the effects of HIIT on the heart. But they also found that at the end of 3 months, the HIIT group lost 4 more pounds of body fat and gained 1.5 lbs more muscle than the group that just did steady cardio!!

However, another study showed that, over a month, people lost less than 4 pounds from HIIT. So…not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but is there another exercise that would TRULY be the best exercise for weight loss?

Well, personally, I know that Beachbody’s new Barre Blend is a huge contender. This is because it mixes high-intensity fat-burning moves with tiny but extremely difficult poses inspired by ballet — hence, “barre.”

You’ll be holding muscles (like your core muscles) tensed and contracted, which over time is very difficult and really strengthens what’s called your slow-twitch muscles. Then, you’ll do punishing but REVIVING high-intensity aerobics mixed in! So I can only conclude that this BLEND of what types of muscles are targeted makes this the true best exercise for weight loss. It mixes HIIT with small bust intense muscle movements.

You can sample this version of HIIT here and experience this specially formulated with all muscle types and groups in mind…and creating long, lean muscles in mind…Then if you like message me with any questions and I’ll be happy to tell you more!