Mom, Business Owner, and Fitness Fanatic. And I’m Here to Help!

While I’ve been mentoring and inspiring people for a long time, its only fairly recently that I’ve become a Mom. It has given me a new perspective and it’s now kinda become my goal to help Mom’s have it all together.

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Postpartum fitness guide

Are you working towards being healthy again after your bundle of joy? Are you ready to recommit to your health and fitness?
Partner with me when pregnant or Trying to Conceive

I wasn’t somebody who got pregnant easily. In fact I had a condition called Post-Pill Amenorrhea which meant I didn’t have a period for nearly 2 years after I came off the pill. 

I truly believe the way I looked after myself, helped me have a healthy period of conception and pregnancy. What do I mean by that, well I ate well, I exercised but above everything else – I fed my mind. So when tests kept coming back negative, I kept being positive.

Now as a new mom, I know its possible, and would love to share my tips and help you prepare your body for a healthy Pregnancy!​

Partner with me as a new mom

I have to admit, I don’t think I was as prepared as I thought for motherhood, and that’s both an amazing and an overwhelming thing!! Like many first time parents, I could not  have imagined just how much I would love my little one… but here I am.

At the same point, I don’t think I could have ever imagined all there is to think of as a new mom! I’m so blessed to not be rushed back to a full-time job!!

I’d love to help you get healthy again, and help you find a way to be present with your baby while also finding time for yourself!

I am far from perfect – but these are the things I feel I did that made a big difference.

Before babe

-follow programs! Having a calendar kept me on track!

-follow 2b mindset! BEST thing that could have happened to me in pregnancy!

-share your journey big time! This is THE perfect time to grow an entire new audience and connect with so many new people! Seriously, easiest way to start convos!

-use this time to ORGANIZE & SIMPLIFY your biz for when babe comes (KEY!!!!!)

-make sure your biz is MOBILE friendly, you will be working from your PHONE mainly when babe comes

-notify your customers, coaches, groups, ect that you will be a little less available/present when babe comes and that this is the time they can step up and you would greatly appreciate that!

-hire a house cleaner to come every second week (not necessary but is life changing)

-simplify and organize your home

after babe


-Honest: I took up to 3 weeks to get back to some people and I initially did feel stressed. This eventually passed. But is super normal!

-SHARE this new journey you are in! People have followed your entire pregnancy, they want to see that babe, all your visiting family, all the snuggles, ect!

-Learn to work in pockets of time. On the couch while babe is napping in your arms, answer some messages! Or when a relative is over helping you, sit down for 20 mins and answer messages! This initial part, chances are you won’t get a solid 1-2 hour time block to ‘work’ in.

-I am learning I get the MOST done when I work in those little pockets and do my work while she is in my arms.

-This is such an amazing way to connect with NEW people! Easiest conversations starters ever!

-Don’t worry about ANY extra stuff in your biz right now. FOCUS on the basics (posting and talking to people)

-THE BEST TIME to dive into 2B MINDSET!!!!