5 Reasons Deep Breathing Should Be Part Of Your Daily Ritual


Deep Breathing
Photographer: Esther Driehaus | Source: Unsplash

I’d like discuss the benefits of deep breathing exercises, and why you should be doing them each and every day. They’re easy, they’re calming, and they can be done anywhere.

For the most part, our breathing is automatic. But unlike many animals, we can control the speed at which we breathe. Deciding to focus on deep breaths, has many health benefits. So without further adieu, let’s go through 5 great reasons to focus on deep breathing.

Breathing Is A Stress Reliever

Breathing is a great way to reduce stress while promoting inner peace and calm. When our minds begin to get boggled by a mess of anxiety-fueled thoughts, our breathing naturally begins to rise. Our heart beats faster, and we feel like we’re losing control over ourselves. We’ve been there, and it’s scary.

But with simple deep breathing exercises, you can regain that calm in yourself. Focus on each breath, and let all the negative thoughts wash away. This doesn’t always work right away. It may take some time and practice, but I assure that you that the long-term benefits on your health are very much worth it.

Breathing Exercises Improve Memory

Neuroscientists agree that deep breathing changes your brain activity. The “in” breath has more to do with memory than the “out” breath, but they both have an effect. Volunteers participating in a study were shown to have a better recollection of images from the past when they practiced deep breathing.

Deep Breathing Can Reduce Pain And Increase Pleasure

Deep breathing can cause the release of brain chemicals such as serotonin, and endorphins. These are the chemicals that enhance pleasure and happiness. As I’m sure most of us know, pain is in our head as much as it is physical.

By practicing deep breathing we can turn that mental pain into pleasure. This will make change our moods drastically. With a change in mood, we can change the outcome of our day, and in the long run, the outcome of our lives.

Deep Breathing Helps Us Focus

As you can imagine, when our mind is a sea of disarray, it can be hard to focus. By eliminating all of those negative thoughts, and focusing solely on our breathing, it can help us to think clearly, enabling us to focus.

Writers experience this when they get on a hot streak and can’t believe how much time had passed since they began. When the brain is calm, we are focused.

Breathing Exercises Make You Happier

As important a reason as you’re going to find, breathing exercises can make you happy. As I mentioned before the chemical release of serotonin, is the reason for happiness. This chemical can overtake your brain, leaving you with feelings of bliss.

Breathing exercises can be performed at any time. If you find yourself feeling anxious, or sad. If your mind seems to be scrambled and out of focus, reel yourself back in. Take a long deep inhale through your mouth, and exhale through your nose.

For a quick pick me up, you can do this exercise for 15 seconds. Eventually, as your body gets used to doing it, you can change add time. But in the beginning, a quick breathing exercise can take 15 seconds, and make you feel better.