Going Out to Eat…And Still Sticking to Your Diet!

Let’s be honest, we all love eating at restaurants, and some of us love it more than cooking! 😉 So what happens when we’re trying to lose weight or treat our heart right, but that burger on the menu looks better than the salad? How the heck do we resist? What do we say to ourselves in our head? What I say to myself is, “2B Mindset!” Let me explain:

2B mindset

If you’re not familiar with 2B Mindset, it can loosely be called a diet program. But it’s really not like any other diet program I’ve ever tried before and I highly recommend it!

This is because 2B Mindset allows you to mostly intuitively eat, with just a few really smart guidelines and tricks, that will help you and your waistline feel amazing…Without having to necessarily put in a lot of work.

There is the OPTION to track everything you eat, but that’s just part of the program, and I myself just follow the other basic guidelines of 2B Mindset.

What are those guidelines, and how will they help you at a restaurant? Well, the first guideline that sounds pretty simple (but I’ve never seen it in any other diet plan before) is, drink 16 oz of water before you eat.

And really, I would say, drink those 2 glasses of water before you even DECIDE what to eat. Did you know that when we feel hungry, a lot of it is actually just thirst? So, if you can make yourself less hungry before you look at that menu, then you’ll be more likely to make the right decision.

It’s kind of like when you’re grocery shopping and you’re really hungry, you buy all kinds of junk because you’re all hormonal and craving stuff! But when you are full and then grocery shop, you have a clear head to make the right decisions. (Just thought I’d throw a bonus tip in there. 😉)

So now you’re all good and hydrated. But that can’t be the only thing 2B has to offer, right? Of course not! 2B has very simple, flexible food guidelines, which are based on looking at your plate and knowing that certain FOOD GROUPS should take up roughly a certain portion of the plate.

Here is the plan below. Yep, it’s as simple as it looks:

Breakfast: 50% protein, 50% FFCs
Lunch: 50% veggies, 25% protein, 25% FFCs
Dinner: 75% veggies, 25% protein

(To see how I implement this plan myself, check out my blog post, “What I Eat in a Day.”)

The only thing that might be a little confusing there is the acronym FFCs. That just stands for “full-fiber carbs.” So, something like whole-wheat bread or a healthy cereal, because that way it’s not just empty carbs that will spike your insulin quickly.

That’s bad for your health, but fiber sure isn’t!

Honestly, even with these tips, I get that it might still be hard to make the right decision in a restaurant. But if you’re a little less hungry, and you also know what your plate should look like…Then it’s easier to avoid looking at that burger and keep your eye on other appetizing choices. Choices that will “look right” on your plate!

Want to learn more about 2B Mindset and how you can do it together with me, in a more formal way? Send me a message so we can get started.