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Ok so hopefully if you’re here, you’re here for one of a couple of reasons. Either, you want some new mom advice from me and have enjoyed following my pregnancy and first few months of motherhood, OR you have some fitness goals you’re looking to work towards and you’re here for advice support and coaching, OR PERHAPS you’re here to build a business, and you’re ready to work with somebody young and driven just like you. In any case – welcome to my Website – please take a look around and send me a message if you have any questions!

Partner with me for your Fitness

Honestly, I got involved with this business first of all because of my fitness. For years I did TurboFire in my living room, before going through dozens of other workouts, which led me to my healthiest body ever, and allowed me to have a healthy pregnancy for my youngest. But enough about me – if you are struggling right now, you know something’s not working, something’s not right and you want to make a change, reach out to me – I’ll give you some advice and if you want to work with me – we’ll get you started and get you some results.

Partner with me in building a Business

You ever think I can’t do what she does when looking at successful female entrepreneurs. I know it can be intimidating, but we all sat where you are at one point, and had the courage to get started. Believe me – my confidence wasn’t where it is now, I did a lot of growing over the last few years, and that’s ok, that’s what Coaching is all about. I’m excited to mentor you as you grow, and as your confidence grows and you go from starting out, to earning enough for a car payment, to covering your house payment and so much more with your business.

Hi, I’m Morgan

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

It’s funny, I always knew I was meant to mentor or help people. Little did I know when I began teaching at high school, that I’d go on to mentor people in their health and fitness, but also to go on and build a million dollar part-time business. I’ve been at that stage, you know struggling with meaning, struggling with mindset, and I’ve learned the skills to motivate myself, and I’m ready to help others – Be Inspired!

What People Say

“The reason I just can’t stop talking about finding fitness that fits into your daily routine is that within 6 months my life has completely shifted. I have reached goals and surpassed them. I can’t stop SHARING because EVERYBODY deserves this for their life!

I want you to take control and make sure you feel AMAZING each and every day!” Melinda Butler

“I had all the resources. I knew how to create effective exercises programs. I was a gym rat. I was a runner. I lifted. I did YouTube and Pinterest workouts at home.

And despite having all of the knowledge, resources, and experience behind me – I still didn’t see the changes I was after.

What FINALLY worked? It was accountability, programmed workouts, and mindful eating.” Erika Busk

“One thing about coaching that has really filled my heart from day 1 is the feeling of being a part of a TEAM 👭❤️💪

Beachbody randomly came into my life… At the time I didn’t know it but this was EXACTLY what I needed! I was skeptical at first but I decided to give it my all.

I was finally a part of a TEAM Again!!” Virginia Scroggins

“You ever meet someone and they just “get you”?! That’s basically what happened when I randomly came across Morgan on Facebook a little over two years ago.

Morgan introduced me to this whole “online fitness thing” and I can honestly say it’s changed my whole life and I am grateful for her every day!” Elizabeth Gove

Making an IMPACT while making an INCOME. Receiving messages of gratitude and thanks from my clients as they hit their health goals, fill my heart. ❤️Knowing that 4.5 years of hard work and dedication is paying off more than I ever could have imagend. Krystin Clarke

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